Friday, January 9, 2009

3:58 AM.

It has been too long. And I have made my ultimate decision. The final of all.
(Of course I should've done this ages ago. Stupidity ruled, blame me.)

The strength of letting go has definitely coming over me eventually. I had enough. Things won't be the same. I won't be the same. I mean, from the point view of mine, that is.

No more memories.
No more dedicated songs to be listened to when shattering.
Vanish the faces, smells and everything.

And starting to keep my head up, aiming what's the best for my own self. And that is what I am taking with me. The dreams are over for the empty feeling. But the wishes still remain. Always.

Well, I am a survivor. Stand tall again. Ouhh. Britney's Stronger's spinning now.

P/S : Thanks a bunch to Mr. Luke for your precious time with the conversation. It helps a lot. Hugs!


[mr]_bRightsiDe said...

go get em,giRL!!
huh..get wat?hehee=p

Ephy A. said...

Get whut?
hahaah that's the q :p