Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tag from Ern lll

The rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people.

I tag :
* Cape
* Rase
* Blog
* Dye
* Nak
* Dipenuhkan
* Dengan
* Tag

Start time : 1752 hours

Random facts about myself :
* Serious.
* Skinny.
* Pendiam.
* A girl. Hahh.
* Ambidexter.
* Lagi .. entah !
* Dan entah.
* Entah lah.

Myself :
First name : Habsah.
Name you wish you had : None.
What do people normally call your name : Sya / Cha.
Birthday : January 7th, 1985.
Birthplace : Melaka.
Time of birth : 11:40 am.
Single or taken : Single.
Zodiac sign : Capricorn.

My appearance :
How tall are you : I am a shortieee.
Wish you were taller : Sikit laa.
Eye color : Dark brown.
Current hair color : Dark brown.
Short or long hair : Long kot.
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : No.
Last time you did something dramatic with you hair : Err. Takde kot.
Glasses or contacts : Glasses.
Do you wear make up : Sometimes.
Paint your nails : No.
Shy or outgoing : Both.
Sexy or cute : Cute. Hehehe.
Serious or fun : I could be both.
A turn on : My humor ?
A turn off : My seriousness.

This or That :
Flowers or chocolates : Flowers coz I can't eat chocs.
Pepsi or coke : Both tp dah kene boikot.
Rap or rock : Euww to rap.
Relationship or one night stand : Relationship.
School or work : School.
Love or money : Both, indeed.
Movie or music : Both.
Country or city : Both.
Sunny or rainy days : Both.
Friends or family : Family 1st.

Have you Ever :
Lied : Yes.
Stole something : Yes. Kekanak dulu la kann.
Smoked : No.
Hurt someone close to you : Entah. I hope not.
Broke someone's heart : Yes.
Wonder what was wrong with you : Yes.
Wish you were prince or princess : Pernah tyme tgk movie laa.
Like someone who was taken : No.
Shaved your head : Euw. No.
Used chopstick : Yes.
Sang in the mirror to yourself : Yesss :)

Favourites :
Flower : Ape ek. Sume aku sukke.
Candy : Skittles.
Song : Dido's Here With Me.
Scent : Enchanteur.
Color : Purple.
Movie : Harry Potter.
Singer : Michelle Branch.
Junk food : Supering! harharhar <-- Ern ! Same! Hahahs.
Website :
Location : Melaka.
Animal : Cats.

Ever cried over someone : Yes.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : Yes. A lot.
Do you think you're attractive : No.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose : Cinderella. Hahahs.
Do you play any sports : Badminton.

End time : 1803 hours.


hanafana said...

skittles! me to0!!
Supering? hurm..i prefer roller coster!
mishh u sistahh!!

hanafana said...

Skittles? My fav gak!
Supering?? uhh..I prefer roller coster!hiks =)
mishh uu sistaah..

p/s: td hana da mcm tak sure ye da anta or blom.if ada duaa..abaikan la ek..

Ephy A. said...

ade dua niee :DD