Thursday, April 9, 2009

The obsession.


I have an obsession.
Obses over a guy ? 

It is a GAL.

I don't know aa how come I am sooo obses with her
Probably by her looks
She's pretty, I must say.

She never knows me and neither do I
Tipu sikit
I've known her a bit  by a friend ; plus the talks and rumours that have landed over my lawn back then.
It has been over a year now and the obsession is getting decreased.
Thank God.

But nah.
I do not bookmark her ; either on Friendster or MySpace
That would be just too low for me
I am not that kinda stalker.

I just don't know why I like to see her face.

Let's say her initials are ALPL
Only ALPL. Can't tell much.
**ALPL is probably her name's initials or nickname's initials
Can't tell that too !

P/S to ALPL : You have been cheated by T.A. You know that, young lady ?
P/S to everyone : I am straight okai.

Bais !

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