Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Note : Entry luahan perasaan. Twimakasie.
I've always told myself not to show anger, disappointment feelings to others. I will try to keep it inside as good as I could. Those feelings I've felt were seriously uncomfortable for such moment. But it ran away now. Well, most of it.

I will tell you all readers for these are my reasons why was my behavior changed on a sudden. And yes, it was all about people.

Dear human #1,
We were happy back then, I'm sure. But there was this thing made me disappointed. Terribly disappointed. I don't think it was such a proper word in a mannered-conversation. I'm sorry.

Dear human #2,
I've known you for quiet sometime. You are a perfectionist and you are too greedy to earn more. Why don't you step a little back and just be grateful for once ?

Dear human #3,
Oh God. I don't know why was I ended up knowing you in the first place. I thought we could be such hulahula friennies when we were around. But you treated me like dirt. Yea and your sister too. Thank you so much.


I am not going to expose their names for which it could be the term of "Mengutuk belakang" will arise.



siggplus said...

bukan aku kan?hehe

Ephy A. said...

bukann :p

masz said...

Insya Allah yg dah tertulis ada di luar sana....nantikan ajelah , pasti dia dtg ;xDDD

Ephy A. said...

err.. hehe insyaAllah :)