Sunday, December 20, 2009

I heard something. Did you ?

Morning :)

My butt stitches on this chair for almost 2 hours now. I should be in bed by this time, I must say.
Surfing punya surfing, I thought of hearing something 3 mins ago. A sound of a baby. Crying. And aku tak rasa ada orang pujuk dia. Then the sound stopped. Goosebumps daaa.

REALLY have to go. Bais !


siggplus said...

haha penakot

Ephy A. said...

itu bunyi ank cousin aku. aku saje je entry cmni kasi org kumen. ekeke

erniekO said...

jeng ke jeng! hahahahaah!

ooo tipuuuu ka?? cheittt!

Ephy A. said...

behehe..kasi penuhkan entry pada bulan disemberr :DD