Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am going to face the faces I love.

Hey hearties,

A few more hours left for me to take the hook off. I am extremely need a new environment this particular moment. TAK SABAU ! haha. Supposed bertolak esok tapi mymum wanted to be there asap bcz she feels tomorrow's gonna be a whole-packed jam.

So yea. Haha. Excited sebenaw nya.

I'll be turning 25th this coming Thursday =)
Wow. What a number haha. My 24th was, uhm, loads of dramas. The kinky ones. Hopefully 25th nie, tidak lah sekinky itu. Macam tak best rasanya.

So this 2010, my hopes are :
  • Be more energetic.
  • Keep focusing on what I do.
  • Less workaholic.
  • Smile a lot ^_____^
  • Find a *clearing throat* soulmate. (So what. I'm 25th maa =P)
  • And the list goes on and on.
Wish me luck =)
Okay lah. I'm gonna miss each and everyone of you so bad =)
Take care and be good !
See you in 3weeks time !


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