Monday, January 11, 2010

A music review.

"Katakan saja kan ku tunaikan
Minta saja apa kau mahu
Terangkan lah hati mu
Cintamu antidote ku .." - Metastasis by CMH

Okay hehe.
This entry is dedicated to a friend of mine, Che Mohd Hilmi.
Well, he wrote his own songs and turned out to be a pretty good =)
There are various numbers of `em but Definisi Bulan dan Bintang Untukmu (DBDBU) is the one I ♥ the most ! (wish there was someone would do the cover only for me T__T)
Oh oh and Sy Syg Mama Sy =) ; sung by his so-called son, Mohd Mason and their kitty pet, Si Pom Pom
The title sounds so oh sweet kann but it is dangdut =D Walaupun aku tak tau melody dia macam mana hehe.

Whatever it is, Mr. Hilmi, you're talented. And it rocks !
Wish you nothing but the best =)

His YouTube Channel : Click here.


Hanafana said...

uh..sangat sedap okek..
Gud luck for u too..

Ephy A. said...

haha mesti mimi suke =D