Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too busy to get online.

I guess I'm not that internetchoholic. Haha. Boleh ke cmtu. And I guess my stalkers were really missed me uh ? Ohh I miss you too. LoL.

Ahh today was practically tired. 2AM++ has been my bedtime for the past couple of days. It sure not that all right. I have to get my standard bedtime back.

Oh yup. Dalam busybusy buat kerja tu, I still could catch KD! haha big thanks to Hana for introducing the drama. Seriously, it was so addictive ! I wish I could meet someone who JUST like Kang Shin Woo the character, played by Jung Yong Hwa. Soo charming and polite ^____^ senyum sampe tinge. hi2x.
Jeremy is not too bad at all ! Lovee the humor ~ Mau Jeremy juga lah.
Oh oh and Tae Kyung ! Ergh. Kalau aku pun nak lakilaki cmtu.. Hee. Sya tamak suda =P
Overall, that was quiet a drama. The cutest one !

^____^ senyum sampe tinge lagi.


Hanafana said...

YEaah..saye pon senyum sampai tingeeeeee!!! Aauuwwwww!!! Nak tengok ulang ulang kat mysoju sangatlah tak besh..jadi, Sabtu mau pegi China street..mau beli itu dvd :)

Jang Geun Suk Oppaa..sarangeho!! :)

Ephy A. said...

Jung Yong Hwa oppa.. saranghae!!! ;))