Saturday, March 9, 2013

Attention to youngsters.

Youngsters between 13 - 20 years of age.
Or anyone who still lives with their parents.
Yes. You. Yang still lives with your parents / parent / guardian.
Especially to the girls. I have an advise for y'all.

Bila you guys nak keluar berjalan / lepak / pergi rumah kawan / shopping / beli nasi ayam ; etc, could you pleaseeee tell your parents where you are about to go? It's not that hard. They deserve to know. Lagi-lagi sekarang ni banyak je kes gadis-gadis kena culik and stuff.

Senang je. An example : Just tell them like this. Or something like this ;

"Mom, I'm going out to the public library. I'll be back as soon as possible."

Once you've reached there, tell them you're okay and make them unworried. Also make sure to tell them who you are with. Do not lie.
And if possible, do not go alone.

Keep yourself updating them your whereabouts. Trust me. You will never regret.

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