Sunday, May 26, 2013

A good kind of act.


Dear bloggie,
I went to shop yesterday with my mum and my sister. We absolutely had a great time.
Tapi apa yang lebih menarik, we've been greeting by a stranger.

Sebelum ni, I was never asked by a total stranger saying, "Hii. Apa khabar?", at a cashier counter. And she gave us a plastic bag. How generous! I instantly love you, auntie! :)
With the kind of act, it bloomed our heart. It really did.

So it got me thinking.
I would love to do the same way to others. I really do. I wanted to make people happy. But I'm afraid what people might think. Yea, you know, they don't usually friendly.

I often smile to kids.
They sometimes do smile back. :)

I'm sure I'm gonna go for it.


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